3rd Grade STEMpathy Project

Third Grade Learns About the Theological Virtue of Charity through “STEMpathy”

Mrs. Wasko’s third grade took to heart the Lord’s commandment “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39) as they worked on this week’s challenge in STREAM class.

In a collaborative effort among our AIU counselor, Patricia Trappen,  Religion teacher, Kristin Wasko, and STREAM teacher, Sue Walters, the students worked together to learn about empathy.

They were divided into groups and received an “Empathy in STEM” challenge card.Using the engineering design process, they read their challenge, brainstormed ideas, then used recycled materials in the STREAM lab to create and improve a  prototype of an invention that would help solve the particular problem presented before them. 

After thirty minutes to design and clean up, students then presented their projects and reflected on each other’s designs.  

The overall consensus of the class was that it felt good to be compassionate, (have empathy) and to think about the needs and feelings of other people.  That is exactly what God asks us to do through the Virtue of Charity. 

Thank you third grade for showing the world our Catholic beliefs. They will know we are Christians by our love.