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Church Uniforms:

Boys: White Oxford Shirt, Navy Pants, Plaid Tie
Girls: Kindergarten through grade 3: Plaid jumper, White blouse with Peter Pan collar
Girls: Grades 4 and 5: Plaid skirt, White blouse with Peter Pan collar
Girls: Grades 6 thru 8: Plaid skirt, White Oxford blouse

Non Church Uniforms:

Students will wear polo shirts in gold, navy or white with the Mary of Nazareth Catholic School monogram on them, navy or khaki pants or shorts. (Shorts may be worn from the start of school until October 31 and then from April 1 through the end of school.) A belt must be worn with pants and shorts. Also, the skirt from the church uniform may be worn with polo shirts on non church days.

Socks: Boys and girls must have on socks. Girls may wear tights or nylons.
Shoes: School shoes for both boys and girls must be all black, brown, or navy. All shoes must have a back on them. No sling back shoes are permitted. Tennis shoes are not permitted during the school day. They are for gym class only. Fashion boots are also not permitted. Students wearing boots to school because of inclement weather must change into school shoes upon arrival at school.

Gym Uniforms: Boys and girls are asked to wear navy blue shorts and white t- shirts for gym class. Tennis shoes are also to be worn. grades 2-8 will change for gym. Preschool through grade 1 will only change into tennis shoes.